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Since 1990, EMFI Group has been dedicated and committed to providing the highest standards around the world. We have always delivered quality work and we are continually striving to improve our performance through our different field of activities.

EMFI is escalating the portfolio of work to include areas around the world. Our head office is located in Cairo, Egypt with three subsidiaries MPS, FuTech & ITS with different specialties and responsibilities.


Our fourth subsidiary EPS (Engineering & Procurement Services subsidiary Services) was established in 1985 in California in the United States of America . EPS Company provides technical support in Project planning, design, construction & procurement of power plants, also EPS transfers USA technology to EMFI Group staff.


EMFI Group has expanded steadily and has operating branch for (MPS) in LYBIA .

MPS LYBIA has executed many power projects and has provided exceptional values to our clients . MPS Libya also delivers most of EMFI Groups’ services to the Libyan market.


Also EMFI currently has operating branch staff in QATAR (PSTech) which specializes in the fields of High Voltage & Low Voltage activities, substations, Facility Management, Operation & Maintenance, Engineering and Construction in Qatar Territory.

The following pages will show how EMFI Group can provide premier technical support, management, and directly related services to its customers. It will also show how we approach every project as an opportunity to exceed our clients expectation by providing personal excellence and effective operating principals, which allow us to consistently turn these opportunities into extremely satisfied clients world wide.


Please take a few moments to get acquainted with our high standard services and how our services combined with our skilled employees create responsive delivery of power system and information technology.


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