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Services & Products
This asset management software provides insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control.

  • Manages asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking from a single system.

  • Provides enterprise asset management software for long and short-term planning, preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, schedule management, resource optimization and key performance indicators.
  • Plans inventory to meet maintenance demand, making the right parts available at the right location when needed.

  • Manages vendor contracts with comprehensive support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, rate, master, blanket and user-defined contracts

  • Aligns service levels with business objectives by defining service offerings and establishing service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Adapts to changing business requirements and connects with other enterprise systems through a flexible business process configuration platform and scalable service oriented architecture

    Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations use the MAXIMO product suite to assist in the maintenance of high-value capital assets, such as plants, facilities, and production equipment, to cut MAXIMO inventories and costs, control maintenance expenses, reduce downtime, and more effectively deploy productive assets, personnel and other resources.
Industrial Information Systems – IFS

IFS is a leading global business applications supplier with sales in 54 countries in 20 languages and more than 500,000 users worldwide. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE: IFS), having been founded in 1983.  The latest audited accounts are from the Financial Year ending December 2005.  IFS is represented in 54 countries on all continents through 56 subsidiaries and 79 IFS offices, in addition to 41 distributors.  At 31 December 2005, IFS employed 2,600 people and generated $288m annual sales.  Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) generated 70% of the sales with North America, 17%, and Growth Markets, 13%.  There are 4 support and 3 R&D centres with one offshore development facility in Sri Lanka.  The President and Chief Executive Officer is Alistair Sorbie based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

As one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software, IFS strongly believes that through components and the use of open standards customers will receive the best solutions possible. Working in close collaboration with partners, IFS is driving the market to embrace standards and co-existence that offers customers faster payback, reduced risk, and freedom of choice.
FuTech – Egypt Professional Services Products
FuTech – Egypt Professional Services
Our Consulting Services are structured to help customers leverage the power of our software to maximum effect. FuTech - Egypt highly trained consultants combine their extensive knowledge of the customer’s vertical market with years of experience in working with MAXIMO, Bentley & IFS Solutions to design the kind of unique, robust solution required for enterprise-wide implementation. In addition, our Practicum program offers a proven methodology for integrating custom applications with core capabilities.

FuTech - Egypt consultants will assist you in all phases of the planning process:

  • Operational reviews and audits.

  • Site assessments.

  • Project scooping and definition.

  • Application requirements and specifications development.

  • Implementation plans and strategies.

  • Process flowcharts and data models.

Our consultants work closely with your project team, which should represent different areas of your organization


FuTech - Egypt Professional Services organization offers experienced consultants who know their product and your business. Our consultants work with you to facilitate a rapid and effective implementation – to get you up, running, and productive.

Our consultants engage in a wide array of implementation activities:

  • Documenting system specifications.

  • Designing new databases and converting your existing databases.

  • Customizing screens (System data windows).

  • Data Gathering, Verification & Data Uploading.

  • Designing and Programming Key Performance Indicators.

  • Mapping out critical interfaces with other applications.

  • Providing documentation.

  • Installing your network, fine-tuning performance, and assisting in hardware installation and configuration.
As managers of the implementation process, FuTech - Egypt consultants monitor progress against plan on deliverables, facilitate efforts, and resolve issues.
Day-to-Day Use

As you become comfortable and increasingly productive with your system, you discover new ways it can help you, and new areas of the system to explore. And the product itself continues to evolve, acquiring new capabilities. We can help you make the fullest use of your system, and as appropriate, implement product enhancements.

Just as we design and require our products to be adaptable to different situations, we choose and train our consultants to be far more than technical experts.   In addition to their technical knowledge of our products and of client/server technology, FuTech - Egypt consultants add value through

  • Their understanding of Project and Business Management Trends.

  • Their skill in recognizing and handling organizational and communication pitfalls.

  • The cumulative knowledge they have acquired in implementing many sites across diverse industries.
Integrating Advanced Capabilities

We have assisted customers in augmenting their implementations, working with them, for example, to implement

  • Data collection with bar code devices, for tracking inventory, tools, and work order status.

  • Extensions to applications via custom DLL, SQL, Windows, or DDE client programs.

  • Integration with site DCS, DMS, SCADA Control Systems.

Our Training Services provide another strategic advantage for customers looking to achieve rapid time to benefit from their MAXIMO, IFS ERP & Bentley Solutions installations. New customers use these programs to get staff members up and running quickly; existing customers leverage our training offering to familiarize users with new features and functions.
FuTech - Egypt training curriculum addresses the specialized needs of IFS, MAXIMO and Bentley Solutions.

  • Open Schools, held at FuTech - Egypt learning centers, are open to users from different companies and provide an excellent opportunity to learn from and share with peers in other industries.

  • Customer Site Schools, held on your premises, are a convenient and cost-effective way to train six or more users at the same time.

  • Client-focused Training is specialized training developed at your request to address your company’s unique needs.  This training is provided by a dedicated consultant-trainer, who works with you to build a program tailored to specific, even one-time needs.  Our trainers can work with groups or with individuals.
Project Management

FuTech - Egypt provides expertise in

  • Work breakdown structure development and implementation.

  • Planning and scheduling estimates.

  • Work authorization, baseline, and change management.

  • Resource and capacity monitoring.

  • Progress and performance analysis.

  • Subcontract management.

  • Costing and financial management.

  • Reporting and analysis.

  • Forecasting and simulation modeling.
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