Clients & Projects
A. Sample of PsTech main Clients:
  • Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa)
  • Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
  • Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC)
B. Sample of PsTech reference projects:

1. Power & Water  Design and Construction Projects
  • Qatar Electricity has awarded to PSTech the contract of (Provision of Technical Staff for Supervision and Monitoring

    of Primary Substations). The contract period is projected to be 3 years.

2. Facility Services & Contract Management
  1. KAHRAMAA  2012 – Present

    Contract: (GTC/464/2012)

    Work description: Operation & Monitoring of all Qatar substations from 400 kV to 33 kV (270 Substations)

  2. KAHRAMAA  2010 – 2013

    Contract: (GTC/354/2010)

    Work description: Provide maintenance & Inspection for all 11 kV substations in Qatar (about 12000 substations), this includes providing laboratory test for transformer oil.

  3. KAHRAMAA 2013 - Present

    Contract: (GTC/641/2012)

    Work Description: Provide data collection and asset management to 270 Substation (400KV, 220 KV, 132 KV, 66 KV, and 33 KV) & NCC, DGCC, DCC, ENCC for KAHRAMAA Transmission Department.

  4. Ashghal (Public Works Authority)  2014 – Present

    Contract No:P2014/22

    Work Description: Three Years on-Call Secondment of staff for Drainage Networks O&M department.

  5. KAHRAMAA  2013 – Present

    Contract: (GTC/477/2012)

    Work Description: Three (3) Years Call-Off Contract for operation and network maintenance using Skilled & Unskilled Manpower for Water Transmission & Distribution Department.

  6. KAHRAMAA  2009 – 2013

    Contract: (GTC/270/2008)

    Work description: Providing technical staff for supervising and monitoring primary substations

  7. Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) 2008-Present

    Work description: Installation and technical support for QOC Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) (MAXIMO). Also provide mobile computing in CMMS applications.

    QATAR National Olympic Committee: 5 Sports Venues

    • Qatar Stadium area 650,000 m²

    • Al-Saad Club area 160,000 m²

    • Al-Arabi Club area 240,000 m²

    • Al-Gharafa Club area 320,000 m²

    • Al-Rayyan Club area 320,000 m²



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