About MPS

Modern Power Systems MPS was established in 1998, completed many projects in the fields of Power Stations, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, manufacturing, and facility management in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Bahrain. We are expanding the portfolio of work to include area such as real-estate investments in residential, commercial, office buildings and land improvements.

We are also, expanding in our civil work to loop-up with the current market and Infrastructure.


We bring to our work:

  1. Proud heritage of accomplishment, integrity, experience, and commitment to our clients' interests.

  2. Willingness to appropriately adapt ourselves to change while maintaining our fundamental values.

  3. Adherence to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

    We will continue to:

    1. Clearly and continuously understand, be totally responsive to, and strive to exceed our customer's expectations. By our performance deliver exceptional value to those customers helping them to maximize their success and return on investment.

    2. Attract, develop, motivation, highly competent, committed, creative employees and colleagues of diverse origins who are the best in their field.

    3. Respond to our rabidly changing word with new approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology, high-quality and timely decision making.

MPS working policy is characterized by a highly efficient, well educated, energetic, motivated, creative, and reliable staff.
We have sensibility to future sales and marketing demands developed by thorough study for projects and potentials. We have cultivated long founded reputation and gained customers deep trust.

MPS liaises with public and private clients to develop a favorable environment through the appropriate contacts.

MPS seeks technological breakthroughs by anticipating customer and market requirements and utilizing its innovative expertise to satisfy those needs. MPS has the way of guiding our customers to explore and utilize new spheres of applicable telecommunications and power technology.

With the ever-raising demands of today's and tomorrow's business environments, MPS realized that relations between clients and the group would not survive without establishing the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism in services quality, safety, project management and material procurement.
A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY has always been the driving principle of MPS activities. MPS is currently in the process of getting certified of ISO certificate.

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