The no. 1 nuclear energy products and services vendor in America and a key player in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

MPS has very good relation with AREVA for along time inside and outside Egypt, where MPS had provided The erection, testing and commissioning of many projects such as 400 KV SUBSTATIONS (RAS LANOf –PAM –ZAWIA), 220 KV SUBSTATIONS (NORTH SABHA –EL FAGIG ). BEN OSMAN.
Siemens Energy is one of the premier companies in the international power generation sector in providing leading-edge power and energy solutions. It develops and builds fossil fuel power plants and power-generating components as well as wind turbines, turbines for use as mechanical drives and compressors for industrial applications. MPS had completed many projects for 30KV SUBSTATIONS such as: - GHOUT ELSHAHAL, BEN OSMAN. BEN OSMAN.
ABB is one of our businesses partners where MPS had completed many projects with ABB such as:- SABHA WEST 220\66 KV SUBSTATION, SABHA WEST 66\11 KV SUBSTATION, EL SHAHAT 220\66\11 KV SUBSTATION, SHAKSHOUK 220\66\11 KV SUBSTATION.
 MPS and VATECH worked together in several projects in LIBYA, where VATECH was the supplier of many substations and MPS was the responsible for erection, testing and commissioning for these substations such as EL SHATTI 220\66 KV SUBSTATIONS, EL SHRIT EL AKHDAR 66\11 KV SUBSTATIONS.
(ECCO)-LIBYA Is an energy consulting company that provides management consulting services and expert advice, in and outside the United States, to independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, governments, utilities and marketers. MPS is the consultant and the main contractor of many projects for (ECCO), some of these projects are:- 66 KV ABO NEGOM OVER HEAD LINE, EL GOFRA 66\11 KV SUBSTATIONS, EL NAKHIAL 66\11 KV SUBSTATIONS, HV POWER TRANSFORMERS MAINTENANCE FOR 3 YEARS.
MPS is the main manpower supplier for Carlo GAVAZZI in erection, testing and commissioning in many projects such as: - AL-ATTAL STEEL PROJECT, POWER HOUSE AT AMOC PROJECT.
MPS was a subcontractor for KAHROMIKA in several projects in erection work and technical support for testing and commissioning such as:- West Tripoli power station, WADI –KAAM 30KV UNDER GROUND CABLE LINE, TOBRAQ POWER STATION PROCURING OF WATER PUMPS, 220 KV OBARI-ELAWINAT OVER HEAD LINE.
El Sewedy Electrometer Egypt S.A.E:-
Specialized in designing and manufacturing state of the art electricity meters.

Now with about 2 million meters running in the Middle East and Africa introduce the new generation of electronic meters with the latest technologies of Automatic Meter Reading, prepaid meters and multifunction meter systems.

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