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EPS is a subsidiary of EMFI Group as a business-to-business productivity partner and a leader in Operation & Maintenance activities and high-value facility services, was established in California, USA since 1997. EPS specializes in the following:

  • Operation & Maintenance of Plants using CMMMS & ERP.

  • Facility Services and Management of service contracts.

  • Engineering Projects Design, Consultancy, PMP & Handing Over.

  • Project Resources Procurement (manpower, material, equipment & Tools).

  • Design & Construction of Commercial & Residential buildings.

  • Import & Export support for projects of sister companies.

  • Real Estate Investment.

EPS focuses on customers to whom the operation of the facility infrastructure is crucial to the success of their primary business process. Through a network of international/regional offices, EPS and it’s sister companies of EMFI Group provide differentiated and innovated Facility Management and maintenance solutions that drive quality, efficiency, and reliable means to superior results.

EPS manages facilities in the USA and overseas. These facilities include Oil & Gas field, Power stations, Water & Sewage treatment plants, residential buildings, manufacturing centers and office buildings. EPS is supported by EMFI Group in the field of electrical constructions and field services to assure reliability, safety and compliance of industrial and commercial electrical power systems and equipment. Establishing a state of art in providing the O & M activities, Facility Services and implementation of highest technology in work management and control, EPS has the way of client satisfaction & investment achievement.

EPS along the years realized the demand of establishing the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism in services quality, safety and operation management:

  • To conduct plant and equipment condition assessment and provide thorough recommendations to its clients.

  • To enable strategies and actions to be taken on procurement and storage of critical spare parts.

  • To ensure the application and implementation of the Quality Management System QMS & all key policies and procedures related to HSE.

  • To arrange in-house training for client personnel.

  • To apply a comprehensive Operation & Maintenance strategy based on best practice principals and ensures that the multiple support services are scheduled and delivered in a high quality standard

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