Services & Products
EPS provides the following services:
  1. Power & Water Design & Construction Projects.

  2. Facility Services and Contract Management.

  3. Project Procurement.
1. Power & Water Design and Construction Projects :

EPS started the business in the field of Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Turn key projects since Year 1997. EPS expanded its services in the year 2000, to include the field of Water R.O desalination, Potable water Treatment, Storage and Booster Pumping stations, we covered projects in USA and overseas countries

EPS provides the following benefits to client during project execution:

  1. EPS has the thorough knowledge and understanding of design, building and construction management. This involvement was in all aspects, in engineering, procurement, construction, management and handing over.  

  2. We are committed to performing the work with high qualified staff in design our team has in-depth knowledge of what would it take and understand fully the requirement, operation and procedures of achieving the ultimate goal of a successful project.

  3. In addition to our wide experience in the design and construction which we would bring to the projects, our own personal enthusiasm would also be of great benefit to complete any successful project.

  4. Our in-depth knowledge of the new technology in construction design methods, construction management and procurement as well as software will make the design more efficiently, and enhance our managing skills.
2. Facility Services & Contract Management

EPS has highly qualified & experienced staff capable of providing Facility Management services with challenging reliability to the satisfaction of our client & end users of the facilities being managed.

As mentioned before, EPS had also started the business covering hotels, resorts, and universities, commercial & residential buildings. This long experience & qualified staff could assist client in the early stage of Project Handing Over & operational issues. EPS personnel rapidly and actively familiarize themselves with the project challenges, issues and project dynamics then ensure that the EPS team & subcontractors are mobilized effectively and within planned time.

EPS is recognized as a high caliber and multi-disciplinary, local & internationally experienced management team with the well-equipped support staff. This in conjunction with the specialty subcontractors will be required together, with the appropriate systems technology, Quality Management System and FM business processes, to deliver the optimum FM solutions to meet the client and stakeholders objectives and expectations in both the transitional and full operations phase after the contract term.

EPS employs talented and experienced teams that are market respected and capable to ensure not only a proper handover but also the operational readiness of all FM services.

EPS multi-disciplinary and experienced management team will assist in effective and efficient project handing over through accurate procedures.
3. Project Procurement

Supported by sister companies of EMFI Group, high motivated chain of material manufacturers and suppliers added to very reliable system of logistics, EPS provides any project with qualified manpower, material and Tools within minimum time anywhere in the world. Our office in CA-USA proved excellent experience in satisfying clients with our system of procurement.

We apply highest technology in our day to day business, using software package in project procurement scheduling, inventory control, workmanship skill assessment and management.

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